"Inspiration comes before motivation. Seeing a good idea and getting that feeling: this could turn into something really, really good. Well, I still think this hasn’t been done before. I think my experience proves even if it’s something really mad, if you are doing it really well, if no one else is doing it, all you can loose is your time".

By creating mesmerizing designs in the snow just by walking in a pair of snowshoes the british artist Simon Beck takes hiking in the mountains to a whole other level Simon Beck was one of 4 artists that were invited to Stryn in Norway. The inspiration they found here led to unique art projects! Produced by Flash Studio https://www.facebook.com/flashstudio.no/ contact: post@flashstudio.no See other films in this project: Benedicte Årsland- Cellist: https://vimeo.com/156002582 Kneip- Designer duo : https://vimeo.com/156854048 #inspirasjonstryn https://www.facebook.com/inspirasjonstryn