DupleLab is operated as a laboratory of multimedia storytelling because of our particular creative process.

DupleLab services cater to the new emerging communication needs that have shifted the way brands, entrepreneurs and institutions convey their messages.

We bring together our expertise in communication, marketing, broadcasting and documentary making to help businesses achieving a multimedia language of their own to create meaningful engagement across contexts, social media platforms, technologies and devices. Both online and offline.

We empower brands to take the role of creators by learning how to communicate their business stories and projects in an engaging way. We do that through the videos and multimedia content we produce; as well as by developing workshops and providing consultancy services which bring brands, startups and SME’s the necessary skills to be able to judge and understand the logic behind stories and business narrative.

visual storytelling

Personalization is at the core of all our projects because we believe in the importance of being loyal to individuality in the digital world. We know how to read between the lines and how to make the most of different cultural contexts and cultures.

This effort may include the development of multimedia content and strategies that effectively transfer brands' corporate identities from the traditional offline context to online.