Our workshops help brands achieve their goals as visual storytellers and content creators in different ways:

  • Business storytelling

Integrating narrative into the core of brands’ identities. Find out how to create your own voice and define your business culture and contribution to society while using narrative to create experiences and trigger emotional journeys that stick to your brand message. These methodologies can be of value during business presentations, product pitches, client meetings or conferences; as well as to reach audiences through multimedia content in blogs and social networks.

  • Video in content marketing across company’s diverse businesses

Video in content marketing across company’s diverse businesses. Your organization ’s approach to video: in house or external production? This training will tackle how to optimize resources and manage output expectations depending on your organization’s video strategy.

  • Organizations as content creators

Make engagement your most valuable asset. This training will bring in depth insight on how to add real value to the content creation process by taking into account the complexity of societies and the positive impact that brands have on them. Bring your content beyond entertainment and use it as your best tool to communicate intrinsic values.

  • Effective management of editorial content

Understanding the basics of editorial content management will bring potential to your content and effectively transfer your business’ core identity and mission onto your digital content.         

  • Cross cultural communication

How your products and services are perceived may have different implications across cultures. Understanding the complexity of societies is key to unleashing the potential of initiatives and projects across international audiences.

  • Earning valuable media exposure

Lack of necessary skills about how to answer journalistic questions while sticking to your organization’s message and core values may put at risk your business project. Maximize media exposure by learning the basics of how to deal with the press.

  • Communicating with images

Learn the fundamentals of using multimedia content to strengthen your identity and initiatives across the online and offline spheres.