The value of ideas

Drawing on our extensive knowledge in journalism and communication in Asia; we have developed a set of methodologies and procedures to help startups use stories, narrative, and the multimedia language to bring value to business ideas. From the concept, to the execution of products and services; and to the final audience.

Our methodologies can be of value at the workplace, during business presentations, product pitches, client meetings or conferences; as well as to reach audiences online through, websites, multimedia content in blogs and social networks. 

Integrating narrative into the core of your business idea is key to succeed in the challenging game of persuasion.

Our focus:

Our methods are very experiential and rooted into the notion of observation, perception and conceptualization. This type of communication skills are essential to journalism. They can be applied in a wide variety of contexts to empower people from different sectors and disciplines to communicate their ideas more effectively.

  • Encouraging a journalistic thinking to find authenticity in your startup stories and create innovative ways of communicating business ideas.
  • Storytelling as branding. Integrating a startup’s voice and core message into the development process of your startup idea.
  • Taking engagement beyond big data. Bring your business idea to the communities you aim to disrupt by defining a startup’s contribution to society; including a point of view and vision of the world.
  • Understanding complexity of societies and their expectations to redefine relationships with partners, stakeholders and audiences.
  • Analyzing contexts more effectively. Seeing problems through a different light to better come up with real world solutions.
  • Using narrative to create experiences and trigger emotional journeys.
  • Build your case to generate a public opinion favorable to you disruptive business idea as you navigate policies, build partnerships and engage with communities.


  • Workshop - Business Storytelling @ Hong Kong Science and Technology Park (HKSTP).

3rd September 2016; 3-5pm

The Value of Ideas. Leveraging storytelling to solve business problems. Special workshop for the 100 finalists of the World Elevator Pitch tour in Hong Kong (13th October 2016). 

14 September 2016;  12.30-1.30pm

  • Mentor Clinic - Branding and Business Storytelling @Paperclip Hong Kong Startup Campus

9 September 2016; 2-6pm.

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